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Welcome to our Family Tree website.

The information on the site is primarily connected with our own family, which has been based in the South East of England for as far back as we can find. The principal surnames are BRISTOW, KNIGHT, MAYNARD, FROST, BOOTS and PRIKLER, although many others feature.

We have designed the site so that each page contains one family, with the parents at the top and the children below. If a parent’s name is underlined then you can click on it to move up a generation to show their parents and siblings. Similarly, if a child’s name is underlined you can click on it to move down a generation to show their spouse and children.

The blue ‘I’ under each name can be clicked to provide more information about that particular individual.

You will also notice that facts will appear at the bottom of the page – these are events that took place within that family’s generation, ie during the period 80 years from the birth of the oldest parent.

Click on the Details button above to go to our own family page to see how the navigation works.

If you want to search for a particular person who might be in the tree, click on the ‘Name Search’ button above. You can then enter all or part of a forename and/or surname to search for all instances of that combination in the database, and then navigate from there to the relevant family page.

As you may know, one origin of the Bristow name is thought to be Stephen Fitz Hamon de Burstow. We have not traced a direct link back to Stephen yet but thought it would be fun to include his tree in the database too. This is why you will come across anyone from George Washington to Queen Victoria when searching. The earliest entry is Njord of Sweden, born about 214AD, according to the Nordic Sagas.

Our thanks to all the people who have been kind enough to allow us to use their information in this database, notably Marie Hale for her work on the more recent Bristows, Fred Curry for his work on the Fitz Hamons, Paul Bootes for his work on the Boot(e)s, and Geoff Knight for his work on the Knights. We would also like to thank David Brister for providing copies of Edward Jenkins' excellent 'The Bristows of South East England', from where a lot of the historical information was extracted. We have also included information from W.S. Bristowe's 'The Bristow Heritage' where appropriate.

We’d love to hear from anyone else connected with the family and are always on the look-out for facts and photos for the people already featured. We’re happy to include your information in the database too if you find a match with an individual in our tree.

Finally, we’re sure we’ve got bits and pieces wrong so we apologise in advance for any errors you may find! Please contact us and we’ll correct them as soon as we can.

John and Patrick Bristow

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Database last updated : 13Mar2007

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