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The Bristows of South East England
by Edward Jenkins

This book was written in 1936 by Edward Jenkins and has become a bit of a Holy Grail for people researching the Bristow family tree due to the amount of information it contains, right back to the Norman Conquest.

We have only seen one copy of the book, in the Society of Geneaologists library in London and the next time we went it had disappeared. The only other version we know about is in an American library, who were given a copy in 1971. David Brister very kindly photocopied it for us and we have finally digitised it and made it available here. The copies are not fantastic but mainly legible - we hope you enjoy them.

We're very pleased to say that Aaron May has done a fantastic job tidying up the scans and making them available on archive.org. You can now also view the entire book at Jenkin's Book on Archive.org.

(Please note that these are large downloads so will take a while to download or open.)
Chapter 1 page 1 to 32 Stephen de Burstow
Chapter 2 page 33 to 51 John VI
Chapter 3 page 52 to 59 Robert III
Chapter 4 page 60 to 97 John VIII
Chapter 5 page 98 to 120 Nicholas I
Chapter 6 page 121 to 146 Nicholas II
Chapter 7 page 147 to 167 Richard
Chapter 8 page 168 to 189 Peter, son of Richard
Chapter 9 page 190 to 198 Robert, son of John VIII
Chapter 10 page 199 to 227 Richard, the tailor
Chapter 11 page 228 to 245 Robert of Virginia
Chapter 12 page 246 to 253 Nicholas, son of John VII
Chapter 13 page 254 to 262 Timothy descent
Chapter 14 page 263 to 274 William the Attorney descent
Chapter 15 page 275 to end Horsham and Shipley
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Two of the charts were bigger than A4 and they are reproduced here:

Page 122
Page 238

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