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The Bristowe Heritage
by W S Bristowe

This book was written in 1942 by WS Bristowe and contains details about the Bristow(e) heritage back to the Nordic Sagas. Not all of it is going to be reliable but it's an interesting read for anyone carrying the Bristow name. We've scanned a photocopy of the book that was done for us by David Brister in the States. The quality is pretty good so hopefully it will be useful to other researchers.

We're very pleased to say that Aaron May has done a fantastic job tidying up the scans and making them available on archive.org. You can now also view the entire book at Bristowe's Book on Archive.org.

(Please note that these are large downloads so will take a while to download or open.)

Chapters 1 to 3 Introduction,
Part 1: The Viking Phase
Chapter 1. The Birth of the Viking Movement
Chapter 2. Rognvald the Mighty
Chapter 3. Rollo the Ganger
Chapters 4 to 6 Part 2: The Norman Phase Chapter 4. William Longsword
Chapter 5. Richard the Fearless
Chapter 6. Queen Emma
Chapters 7 to 8

Part 2. continued
Part 3. The Beginning of the English Phase

Chapter 7. Hamon Dentatus
Chapter 8. The Hamons in England
Chapter 9 Part 3. continued Chapter 9. English Knights & Squires
Chapter 10 Part 4. Rapid Growth in Numbers and its Effects Chapter 10. Yeomen and Traders
Chapter 11. The Land, The Law and the Doctor
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